Privacy Policy

This policy is for the purpose of informing you of the practices with regards to the collection, use, disclosure and storage of Personal Information, (as defined below), that you may provide to us directly or via this website. Please ensure that this policy, namely the Privacy Policy, is read in its entirety before using or submitting information to this website.

Direct Logistics Services (DLS), South Africa controls the current website.

Personal Information

Some of the information collected by DLS is data which relates to an identifiable person (“Personal Information”). Customer information that we collect include names, information on your shipment, address, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, as an example.

Collection of Personal Information and purpose thereof

Information collected and stored by DLS about all shipments it handles is to enable the delivery services expected by its customers to be provided for. The information collected about its customers, such as their shipments, and transport activity, is used by DLS to provide and improve the services available to its customers, as well as communicate with regards to additional services which they may find beneficial. It may also be used for the process of trend analysis and other market-related studies. Also in the use of price setting, credit establishment and billing, and compliance with government regulations applicable to DLS and related subsidiaries.

All and any Personal Information collected by DLS will only be used for the purpose of service provision. Information will not be stored for a longer period than is legally necessary and required.

Third Parties

We may contract with vendors to assist us in the processing of the information collected about our customers, for the purposes listed in the previous paragraph. We may also ask our subsidiaries to process the information for the said purposes on our behalf. The vendors and /or subsidiaries are required to conduct their business in a confidential manner with regards to the information, and are restricted from using the information for any other purpose. As our business continues to develop, subsidiaries or business units may be bought or sold, and customer information, as part of these transactions may be one of the transferred assets.

Compliance with the provisions of the applicable local legislation and regulations by third party processors, such as suppliers and contractors, of Personal Information held by us, will be monitored continuously.

Fair and Secure Processing of Your Personal Information

All necessary steps are taken to ensure that all Personal Information held by DLS is processed fairly and lawfully and implemented to maintain the Private Policy, as per our policy. All employees and data processors with access to such information are obliged to respect the confidentiality of this information.

Transfer of Personal Information

Countries outside the European Economic Area, which do not provide an adequate level of protection, may obtain your Personal Information, which may be transferred in the process of DLS performing our services to you. If you put your Personal Information on parts of the website which are publicly accessible, it could in turn be accessed by persons in countries outside of the European Economic Area, of which an adequate level of protection may not be offered.

In order to comply with the applicable law, or to arrange delivery of your shipment to its required destination, DLS may need to transfer your information to local or national (foreign) governments.

Access and Correction

By contacting your local DLS office, you can determine which Personal Information is held by DLS. Your request will be acknowledged within 2 weeks. Reasons for non-disclosure of personal information will be given if there should be such a situation.

Personal Information in our possession will be updated upon receiving any new information given to us. Please keep us informed as to any changes or incorrect information we may have.

DLS website

Our commitment to the protection of Personal Information is as follows:

We may use your information for the improvement of the content of our website, to customise the website to your preferences, to communicate information to you (if requested), for the purpose of marketing and research and other purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.

Your Personal Information may be disclosed, if necessary, by applicable laws, court orders or government regulations.

Collection of Personal Information on DLS website

Most areas of this website can be used without users having to disclose personal information. However, to enable some of the interactive functions, some information may be necessary to provide, and such information may be shared with our subsidiaries.

Active collection of Personal Information and Purpose Thereof

Some Personal Information may be disclosed during your visit of this website, which is actively collected by DLS. This is done by asking specific questions and communication via email. At each information collection point, your will be informed which information is required, and for which purpose, you are asked to provide Personal Information. Passive collection of Personal Information and purpose thereof Various technologies can be used to passively collect certain information whilst navigating through the website.

We use your IP (Internet Protocol) addresses to diagnose problems with our server, report information, and determine fast routes for your connection to our site. This is also used for the administration and site improvement.


Most browsers are set to accept cookies, which are small text files that a website can send to a user’s browser for storage on the hard drive. However, users can change the setting to refuse cookies or be alerted when cookies are being sent.

DLS may store some information on your computer, which will be in the form of a cookie file. This would be when viewing the website. The cookie information may be used to improve the content of our site and customise the site to your preferences. Cookies are also used for the gathering of statistics on the use of the website. The cookie can only be accessed by the website, as no information may be passed to DLS from any cookie.

We consider your browser settings to reflect your consent to, or refusal of, the cookies we use on our website. If you prefer not to accept cookies or if you prefer to be warned when one is being used, you can update these settings in the settings menu of your browser. Please consult the documentation provided by the vendor of your browser if you are unsure how to do this. Note, however, that if you or your site administrator has disabled cookies, the website will not function properly.

If you prefer not to accept cookies, or be warned when one is being used, the settings can be updated in the menu of your browser. We consider your browser settings to reflect your consent or refusal of the cookies we use on our website. Please note that if you or your site administrator disables the cookies, the website will not function correctly.

Third-party services use cookies to provide us with non-personally identifiable information about visitors to our site. This information is used to improve the presentation and content of the site. Any data collected by third-party services (such as Google Analytics), will not be governed by this privacy policy, but by the privacy policy of the said third party.

E-mail Address

Your address will be used for keeping you informed as indicated only.


Where passwords, ID numbers or any special access features are used on this site, it is your responsibility to safeguard them. Whilst DLS takes all reasonable precaution where possible to protect your Personal Information as collected by DLS, by use of this website, please note that internet transmission is not 100% secure or free of error. Emails sent to or from this website may not be secure, and special care in what information is sent via email should be considered.

Links to Other Websites

Please note that DLS is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of other websites which may be linked or referenced to our website as a convenience to our users. This Privacy Policy does not apply to those websites. Reading of the privacy policies of every website visited is advised.


Users agree to be bound by any revisions which DLS may make to this Privacy Policy. Periodic visits to this page to determine current terms is advised.