Cancellation Policy

This policy is for the sole purpose of informing you of the practices with regards to the cancellation of any shipment done with DLS, and also includes any expectations regarding refunds (as defined below). Please ensure that this policy, namely the Cancellation and Refund Policy, is read in its’ entirety before entering a contract with DLS for the handling of your cargo.


The following conditions determine if it is possible for a shipment to be cancelled:

Shipments may not be cancelled under the following conditions:

  • The driver has already collected the goods after receiving instructions, and good are in transit.
  • Subcontractor/s have been paid on your behalf for the handling of your shipment.
  • The shipment has been processed through Customs and Disbursements are applicable and due to SARS.
  • Requesting insurance, or to self-insure the cargo, is your responsibility at all times. In the event of insurance not being requested, and the shipment is damaged or miss-placed by a Subcontractor, no claims will be entertained. Prevention of such instances will paramount, however, the shipment may not be cancelled due to this or any reason similar.

Shipments may only be cancelled under the following condition:

  • Timeous instruction preventing the collection of cargo from the point of Origin is made, and cargo has not yet been collected.
  • Should it be made known that the contents of the shipment, or any information provided relative to the shipment, is in any way determined in to be in conflict with any legal or other known restrictions whatsoever, DLS in its sole discretion may terminate or cancel a shipment at any time.


The following conditions determine if it is possible for a refund to be processed:

Refunds will be processed under the following conditions:

  • A refund will be issued to you for the full value of the freight charges, excluding any VAT and Duties applicable to SARS on your behalf, if it should be found that DLS were legally negligent in the handling of a shipment.
  • Compensation will be refunded to you, in the event that an application is made against the respective party if the Airline or Subcontractor damages or misplaces your cargo.